Here are some answers to common questions about our lifestyle!

What is worldschooling?

Worldschooling is education through world travel and experiences. Some people use traditional homeschooling methods along the way as they travel but it seems most like the unschooling approach that children will learn more than what you get from a textbook just from the travel experiences in themselves. There are many variations to this approach. Some people might take a year off to worldschool and for some it just becomes a way of life.



Why would you not send your kids to a school?

I believe that the educational system is broken and is not meant for real learning. Children are taught to memorize facts for testing and the majority of what is “learned” is never used in real life. It is an institution where you are told what and when to do something, including but not limited to, using the bathroom, drinking water, eating food, how long to sit, etc. I also believe that family is important and I do not want to ship my kids off 5 days a week, into the care of a stranger, and be hardly able to watch them grow up.



How can you afford to be a worldschooling family?

We are currently working towards a full time income with USANA. Since this is a worldwide company (currently open is 19 countries) and is done entirely at home (or anywhere you are) by meeting and networking with other people, we have the ability to really work from anywhere in the world. This opportunity is allowing my husband to retire from his military career and spend as much time with our kids as I do while we all worldschool!



How do you run a successful home-based business?

There are really just a few simple steps to having a network/affiliate marketing business!

  1. Invite people to learn about the company and then follow up with them
  2. Sign people up as preferred customers or new business associates
  3. Train a few people in your team to do steps 1 and 2
  4. Love life and live it!



I am interested in joining USANA, how do I get started?

If you are re-evaluating your life and wonder how you can have the same freedom to travel, homeschool/unschool, or worldschool (or any other reason), please contact me either through my website (www.alavallie.usana.com), by email at alavallie@usana.com. I will send you everything you need to know about the company and how to join our “life on fire” USANA team. You can get started working on your new lifestyle right away. The opportunity is available to anyone looking for more health and more freedom!



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