Do what you love and the money will follow!

When watching shows on the Travel channel or others like HGTVs “House Hunters International,” it is easy to sit back and dream. People like to live vicariously through those TV programs and say “How do they do that?” or “I sure wish we could live somewhere that beautiful.” But then they get up each morning and head back to their corporate America job that they may or may not like. Well I would just like to say stop dreaming and drooling, stop going through the day-to-day motions and just make it happen. People do it EVERY. DAY.

That is just one example of going after a life you may desire. Maybe it’s not about living somewhere exotic for everyone but, my point is, that TRUE happiness is more than making money to pay the bills. If your life does not align with what you really want to do and feel, you can have all the money in the world and still not be happy.

“Money is numbers and numbers never end. If it takes money to be happy, your search for happiness will never end.” -Bob Marley

I feel like people are confused and it seems frustrating. They confuse having more with a better life. They are not willing to try something different and break away from what is “comfortable.” They forget that this life is not meant to be stagnant and just because if has always been done a certain way (in their area of the world) that that is the ONLY and best way. Maybe what we are used to is not the best way. Maybe if we follow the passions that our higher power (whatever that may be for each person) gave us, not society, we would actually live a greater life of abundance and happiness.

In todays society people are so extremely conditioned to think if they have lots of money, a nice car, own a big house, etc that they have been successful and will then be happy (if not now but when they finally get to retire) but so much of the time that is NOT the case. Look at how many successful people suffer from anxiety and depression. They work so many hours a week spending so much time away from their family, only so they can have that week vacation finally doing what they do want to do. They are not happy. Sure, they have lots of perks in life but chances are good that they are not following their heart or passions. That alone is slow suicide.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Are you really happy or just comfortable?
  2. Do you have a goal that makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning?
  3. Do you know who you really are (not who society says you should be)?
  4. If you could do anything and get paid for it, what would you do?

If you do some soul searching, and open your mind, you will find that you CAN live the life you desire. This life may not make as much money or have the same benefits (OR maybe it will actually have more) but once you figure out what you value and what matters most I believe you will find that that life will be just as plentiful and so much more rewarding. If you do what you love, the money will follow!

“Success comes in a lot of ways, but it doesn’t come with money and it doesn’t come with fame. It comes from having a meaning in your life, doing what you love and being passionate about what you do. That’s having a life of success. When you have the ability to do what you love, love what you do and have the ability to impact people. That’s having a life of success. That’s what having a life of meaning is.” -Tim Tebow

Of course no change comes without making friends with fear, overcoming obstacles and probably being a bit uncomfortable along the way but those things are easy to overcome if it is for a life you love. Wouldn’t you rather live your life in a way that you don’t need a vacation from in the first place? What if instead of saying “wouldn’t it be great if we could do that someday” you just get off the couch and do it?

Take the example of the dream of living somewhere tropical and exotic. There are plenty of inexpensive places tropical places still out there to live. If you are worried about healthcare, many areas of Mexico, S. America, etc have wonderful inexpensive healthcare (way more economical than in the US). If you are worried about income, find something you can do online (easier and easier nowadays), start a business you love, or join network marketing and start making a residual income. What about the kids? Well first of all, who wouldn’t want to give their kids the gift of learning and living in another culture? There are SO many wonderful international schools that are likely better than many you would find in the USA. If living somewhere else is your goal just MAKE IT HAPPEN. Everything else will fall into place.

If your goal is to stay home with your kids DONT WAIT (they grow too fast). If you want to run a marathon START RUNNING. If you want to join the circus DO IT NOW. Whatever the case, the world is filled with an abundance of opportunity. Stop worrying about that career in corporate America and get out there, explore, and live the life you imagine (because after all, this is NOT a dress rehearsal).


Is Network Marketing a Scam?


Some people are skeptical about Affiliate marketing (aka: network marketing, MLM, etc). There are so many companies out there in this consumer nation and its hard to decipher what is real and what it all means. Here are some things to be aware of:

There are always companies trying to “scam” people (always have been and always will be) and  for one reason or another affiliate marketing takes the brunt, despite people not actually knowing much about it. But if you look at the bigger picture some scamming companies are probably ones you even buy from. Think about all the products that say “all natural” and make you believe they are good for you, despite not labeling as actually organic. That is a scam. What about the vitamins that don’t actually put the correct percentages of antioxidants and minerals in that they claim. Scam. Those are just a couple examples. But because Target or Cub foods (or other big chain stores) are selling them, no one questions those scams.

So what people need to look at is the quality of the products they are buying. I urge you to not buy things that really don’t align with who you are. I know that is hard to do. BUT wouldn’t you rather choose a great product from word of mouth rather than because some commercial says it is good? That is the only difference in network marketing. We use a product, love it, and let people know (and when people buy we get compensated so you are also helping your friend, neighbor or family member with their small business at the same time).

Times have changed and things have gone form door-to-door sales to running an online business. Affiliate networking is really taking off as more and more people see first-hand the freedom it truly gives. Of course there is a “rent” (if there wasn’t I would be more skeptical haha) to own your business center in that we buy a certain, amount of products monthly but that only makes sense that you want to use what you are selling (small cost compared to opening a physical store and can easily be covered as you grow your business).  However, I do not have extra products because I actually use ALL of them (and USANA ships all my customers products directly to them so I don’t even handle those).

Before making judgments do some research and don’t let the illusion of this being a “bad” industry stand in your way of the life you desire.

Here are just some things to consider when choosing a company:

1. Every company has a different compensation plan so be sure to check that out (make sure it is award winning).

2. You also want to look at longevity of the company. How long have they been around (some of these new fangled companies might have a good product but how do you know they are in it for the long haul?)?

3. Make sure the products are consumable, #1 rated and, (again) align with your values. You certainly only want to recommend a product and company you truly believe in right?

I did my research and have found USANA to be the company that I truly believe in and am so proud to be partnered with them! I love the products and I am making money (so I can assure you it is not a scam). It has been a life-changing experience and I always look at the bigger picture now. If you don’t believe me, try it for yourself. Really you have nothing to lose!

If you would like more info, feel free to let me know. Never any pressure, I only want to educate!


A call out to Moms (And Dads)!


A call out to Moms (And Dads)!

Don’t let society (or certain politicians) tell you that you cannot stay home and raise your children, or that by doing so will cause you to get less wages when/if you do return to the workforce. Don’t be afraid of “losing” your status or place in a career field (if you are meant to return to that career it will happen). If it is about the money, there are options. And if it means enough to you or “you would give anything to stay home with them” (which I hear ALL the time) then do your research and take that step.

Now if you are currently working, and would rather be with your kids, step back and think about what your “job” is costing you. Emotionally (don’t you miss your kids?), physically (stress, sedentary lifestyle), money (what do you spend on gas, car, business clothes, childcare, etc), life experiences (you only get days off when your boss approves it, right?). Is that really worth it?

First of all, take away all that money you spend having that “job,” along with things maybe you don’t NEED to buy and see what you actually need for that 2nd income. It is probably not as much as you think. Second, look at the possibility of residual income as an affiliate with a great company. You can make extra money and have the freedom to stay home and live life in your own way (NOT the way a politician tells you is “good for America”).

Choose your priorities. Is shaping your children more important or do you want the government to do that (I certainly do not)? Is taking your children out in the world to learn more important or would you rather be sitting in that cubicle doing paperwork for some corporation (is THAT why you are here on Earth?)?

These are life-changing realizations. Let’s get real. The time is NOW. We don’t know what the future holds but I can tell you that if you don’t take the “risk” then what is the point of it all? I know people want change, I know we can work together as a community to create this change. Take action and Join me!




There is a time in your life when something happens or you experience an event and it forever changes the way you can move forward. For some people, it might be a near-death experience. For others, it might be a job cut or a diet change. Sometimes you just know too much and you cannot look back. I have had MANY experiences in my life and, yes of course they have all altered my path in some shape or form. This one, however, I cannot let go of. It means too much.

During the past week I was at the USANA Health Sciences 2014 Ignited convention and, I know this might sound crazy, but I learned too much. Not is a bad way but in a “it would be wrong NOT to share what I know with the world now” kind of way. You are probably wondering what all the hype about “just another company” is but you have to understand, this is not just ANY company. The energy and spirit of the people, all working towards the greater good of Health and Freedom. These are people are, not just talking about it, but literally changing the world and how you can live your own life.

So now maybe you are thinking, “oh well these people must have come from money, or know lots of people, etc.” Actually, they are just like you and me. They had a dream (and still do) and just plain said “I am not giving it up.” One lady was abused by her husband and ran her business from the bathroom so he wouldn’t know. Another young guy was raised in such a bad area, he would have been dead by not if not for being introduced to USANA. Another speaker was deaf and had to grow his business without even talking. The amazing stories go on and on.

Between the amazing speakers such as motivational Tony Robbins and health oriented Dr. Oz I learned so much about health and what it REALLY means to be ALIVE! At the same time I felt another calling. I learned that every cent donated to the USANA True Health Foundation goes directly to the cause (including disaster relief and Children Hunger fund). Those people deserve the same health and freedom and USANA helps them try and achieve it as well. This has inspired me to make monthly donations and I plan to also donate a percent of ALL money I continue to make with USANA.

This is a company I can be proud to LOVE too much. They TRULY care about every person and follow their vision of a world free from pain and suffering. This post can barely summarize what it is like to be part of something so amazing. So who am I to not tell people about this amazing life changing opportunity, where we all stay healthy and help each other live a life of freedom? It is the real thing.

IMG_4660 IMG_4657


*Touring the USANA main office Headquarters! Yep that is correct that let you see where all the science and action takes place!



*USANA True Health Foundation 5K! Superheroes running to raise money and awareness!



Out to live!

We all know life gets busy. No matter what, it is hard to keep up with things and, sometimes, even what we consider a priority can get put on hold. I am reflecting on this as I realize how long I have been absent from my blog.

The last few months have been packed FULL of life experiences. We have been on an amazing 17 day camping road-school journey from Minnesota to Savannah/Tybee Island, Georgia. Since returning my husband has been on a month long work trip so the boys and I have been taking local camping trips, exploring the world and staying as busy as possible until we are all together again.

As a Wife/Mom of two, having “my other half” away puts freedom in another perspective. I realize their are many single parents who do this forever and I give them all my respect. It is not easy and the hardest part is helping the children understand what is happening. At one point my almost 4-year old son told me he no longer has a daddy but wished he did. That is hard to hear.

There is always a chance that a loved one can be gone or taken from their life/family because of orders from another authority (boss of some sort). I am thankful that he is enjoying his experiences but I can’t help but think about the time missed having experiences together.

Regardless, I am always so happy for the opportunities to travel as we do and I cannot wait to do it on a permanent, full time basis, TOGETHER. With this amazing business, these opportunities are truly endless. Time to stop putting things on hold and MAKING them happen! Who is with me?!

Why I don’t care about money.


I don’t care about money. I really don’t. I know that I need money to live and follow my dreams but, honestly, my passion is living life to the fullest and money is merely my vehicle to do that. I actually don’t even look at our bank account (my husband does though).

In many cases, I feel that people live to work instead of working to live. The difference is drastic. Think. If you live to work, it comes before everything. Family. Leisure/play. Hobbies. Travel. The list goes on and on. Some people never even use the vacation days they are issued because they care more about the “work” that needs to be done. Or they have that quick week of vacation every year to escape but then get right back into the hustle and bustle of money-making. On the contrary, when you work to live, you are really combining the vehicle in which you make your income, into your life and passions.

Let’s break it down. We have maybe an average of 80 years (note that I didn’t use any actual statistics here), more if we are lucky, in this physical form here on earth and lets say the first 18-20 growing up are for learning life and what we want (or in some case what others want for us) to pursue in the next few years of life. We then spend 45 years or more working as much and as hard as we can so that we can retire and FINALLY live our life. By then, most people are around 65. That is 65 YEARS of just trying to make money but not necessarily living. So that leaves a few years but really, by then, we are tired and the things we would have done at 30 or 40 or even 50 are no longer a possibility or a reality.

Now, I am not talking about being reckless with the money that you do have and throwing it out the window. However, money should not be the overbearing reality of your life. Don’t neglect actual life JUST to have a bigger bank account. Why not build a life around what you love rather than one you just wish you could escape from.

I know from this recent journey into blogging and social media that more and more people are throwing the “live to work” way of life out the door and just working to live. It is refreshing. What it comes down to is that people are realizing that, by finding their passions, they can use those as the way to make the money they need, in order to live the life they want. The bonus is they ENJOY doing it!

I just want to be healthy with my family and explore the world together. I don’t care about the money.

Worldschooling love list!


Thinking about how many fantastic opportunities there are out there and places I cannot wait to take my family as we worldschool more! We travel all the time but in short amounts at a time so I can’t wait to spend larger amounts of time really soaking up the different cultures!

Here are just a few top places on my list!

1. Mexico-Sayulita

We adore the mexican culture and even got married on the beach in Riviera Maya, MX. We also have gone to many other places including Tulum, Cancun, Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan, and one of my favorite places, Puerto Vallarta. About 45 minutes up the road from Puerto Vallarta is a perfect looking little Mexican town of Sayulita. It is a beautiful surf town and since Micah, our 3 year old, has already proclaimed that he would like to be a surfer, it seems like a fantastic fit!

2. Italy-Ummm…Everywhere!

I fell in LOVE with this culture the first time I stepped on the soil there! The Cinque Terre is like a place made from my dreams. Venice can’t help but be magical and all the little Tuscan and Umbrian towns are just perfect! I spent some time learning Italian in Perugia once and would love to be immersed back into the language, food and culture!

3. Germany-Bavaria area

Can we say Christmas markets?!!! Not to mention some fabulous medieval towns, mountains, and historical castles everywhere! I just love it here! There is just so much to do and embrace. It is a place I can see us settling for a good amount of time!

4. Asia-in general

Since I have traveled around so much but never made it to an Asian country yet, I feel that this is a must in the near future. I definitely have to put more research into where exactly to go but we will probably start with the touristy places (Great wall of China for example) and go from there! Suggestions are very welcome!

There are so many places out there that this is just a vague tip of the iceberg! How amazing is it that we DO have a choice for FREEDOM and this IS all a possibility?! Comment below and let me know what is at the top of your list?

Clarity…A self-designed life!



As I stated in my last blog, I am going through a shift in how I have been living and how I want to live my life. Please bare with me as I continue my research and come to more realizations.

I have been doing a lot of research and truly appreciate the ideas of unschooling in many ways. I have been using the term unschooling in previous posts because my initial idea was that unschooling was living and learning through life without school or specific curriculum training. With that said, the word “unschooling” has always seemed to have a negative sounding connotation but I stuck with it since it seems to be a great concept.

After joining many groups in the area of unschooling/homeschooling online, I was confused and surprised by the approach that many take. I am also saddened by many of the adults behavior within some communities. I hate to make a general statement of the groups as a whole, however I do feel that many people who comment, have the need to come across as experts and knock others ideas and statements or parenting ideals down. It seems, according to some of these groups, that there is only a certain way you are supposed to unschool and, if you don’t do exactly that, you do not truly unschool and should not be in that community. In a way it seems like it is  just another variation of an educational type of institution, not true unschooling freedom.

In my research I came across this blog post (by Desiree Alonso, April 9, 2013, in Liberated Family, and I would like to quote a portion of it because I think it is well said and expresses the ideas I would like to get out.

“Unschooling simply is living life without school. Woohoo!! I am all for that.  It didn’t mean UnEducation and it did not assume to have some enlightening monopoly on proper parenting.  It simply meant living life as if school did not exist. The schooling system was the problem, not the parents or brushing teeth for that matter.  It trusted both child and parent to make the best decisions possible. A truly beautiful and liberating concept indeed. But, like any opinion or suggestion, like anything that us human beings can get our grubby fingers on… it devolved into a believe system, a new ‘ism, authorities on the topic arose and we had to take it to the next level and market it as some revolutionary act  of freedom based entirely on narrow views, over-complications and semantics.”

Another quote, from a great post in whole, that I think explains things better than I can (also from the Admin of Liberated Family, April 20, 2013, is:

“John Holt coined the term circa forty years ago and it was a beautiful ideology that recognized the individual freedom, style and needs of each child and each individual family dynamic. Folks, education is part of living and living is not supposed to be classified, identified or compartmentalized by any method, brand or label.  The human need or desire to identify with a particular mode whether it be “unschooling” “classical” or any “ism” for that matter in politics or learning or religion – that human need for classification is merely a symptom brought on by the indoctrination process.  If we do that then we are not truly unplugged and if we are not truly unplugged, then we are not free; whats worse, we may still find ourselves enslaved to another preacher’s paradigm.”

I have been reading as many books, blogs, websites, etc, as possible on the unschooling concept. There are FANTASTIC ideas within these areas but keep in mind that these are simply someone else’s theories and we need to do what is best for each of our own families. There is no right or wrong so take what you want and leave the rest.

My husband and I are both educated teachers (not that you need to be to homeschool). Every intention we have is to let our children learn and passionately live and perform in society. However, what society should or does look like to some and what it should or does look like to others can be drastically different. Because of that, giving them a world view and optimal ways to learn is important to us and not by someone else’s standards. 

We may not use a specific curriculum but they will be given ample opportunity to learn and find out what passions they are drawn to. If we were not to give them LOTS of experiences/activities to draw from, I believe it would be harder to find that spark of what they want to learn. As parents and learning facilitators, I think it is very important to see how we can get creative and encourage math, reading, writing, science, etc into that sparked interest.

My kids will still be involved in extra classes or events such as gymnastics or music-whatever interests them (whether it’s here at home, or away on our travels). We will still have plenty of playdates and chances to hang out with friends. We will just be living with more travel, freedom and life experiences through it all! Free-play/discovery time is so important and there are also plenty of places for them to do that in addition to at home. I don’t believe that unschooling, for us, would be simply sitting at home day-in and day-out waiting for my kids to tell us where/what they want to go do (not that that is what all unschoolers do).

 As I have said in the about me section, I don’t like being part of the dogma of society and I certainly do not want to feel guilty about if I am living up to a certain groups expectations. I love the ideas of unschooling but I think, for my family, I will just be using the term loosely. For the purpose of writing, it is important to have a word or terms to explain our lifestyle so that you, as my audience, can relate to what I am talking about. For that purpose we will still be worldschoolers, life-learners, homeschoolers, unschoolers, self-directed learners, and basically just living a self-designed life!

Oh and by the way, we will most definitely still be doing teeth brushing, regardless of if they are passionate about that or not!

It’s time to get a life!


Have you ever recommended a movie to a friend? Then you are already a network marketer. Have you ever said how much you love a certain place to eat? Then you are a network marketer. If you have ever recommended anything to anyone then you have done network marketing. Now what if you found a product you really loved and this time, when you told people about it, you would actually get paid a weekly check?

It’s no wonder over 90 million people worldwide choose network marketing as a business. Here are the top reasons why so many people are going away from the traditional nine-to-five.

  1. You are not stuck only trading time for money (for example $10 per hour worked). You will gain a continual/residual income by simply learning what the company has to offer, spreading the word, and teaching a few others to do the same. This will create a ripple effect and you will be getting paid over and over for the initial work you produced.
  2. Flexibility and Freedom. You get to decide where to work from (coffee shop, beach, mountain-top, etc), where you want to live, when or if you work that day, and how much work you want to do. You are your own boss.
  3. Business in a box. When you join a network marketing company everything is taken care of for you. They do all the research, development, manufacturing, hiring, managing, shipping, billing, etc. Not to mention giving you every tool (flyers, videos, presentations, etc) that you could possibly need to run your business center without a huge investment.
  4. Paid on your effectiveness! You will get paid for how effective you are in recommending the product/business to people (versus just getting paid per hour). Anyone who tells you that you can get rich quick overnight doing network marketing is wrong. It takes some time to build up your business, however, if you stick with it the outcome can be amazing.
  5. You get to choose who to work with. Work with friends, make new friends, train with successful positive people. The camaraderie is actually built-in and yes, it is fun! You are in business for yourself but never by yourself. The way to reach your goals is to help others reach theirs. What is not to like?
  6. You, personally, do not need a huge network to be successful. You don’t even need 10 interested friends to be successful. Actually as you go, your network is likely going to be comprised of people you don’t even know yet. For example, you tell 4 people, they all tell 4 people, they tell 4 more and on and on. Soon thousands of people know. That is what multiplication is all about.
  7. Turn an expense into an income. Seriously, if you are going to buy vitamins anyways, just buy them from a company you believe in. Eventually it will pay for that expense, that you would be buying anyways. Plus, there are many tax benefits alone that will save you money. If you are spending money on your business, you get to write it off.
  8. Make a difference with your dollars. You buy girls scout cookies and wreaths from boys scouts to support them, right? We all know that buying from local business is the way to go, yes? With network marketing, although the main company itself may not be a small business, the people doing network marketing are. People are able to buy the products they need from the single mother, friends, neighbors to support them and the money goes right back into the community.
  9. Secure financial future. In todays economy, job security is never certain. Everyone is disposable. With network marketing you take back control of job security. If you are not making enough money, you know that you can change that by growing your business.
  10. Network marketing is about to explode! More and more people are looking for a way to supplement or replace income. An extra part time job takes too much time. Because of the flexibility and lower time commitment, more and more people are gravitating to this option.

These ideas are from the book “The Flip Flop CEO” by Janine Finney, Lory Muirhead, and Whitney Roberts. I HIGHLY recommend it for a refreshingly perfect perspective on how to “get a life.”

Seriously, if you are not living the the life of your dreams, then it’s likely that you are woking for someone who is. So give it a try, after all, really what do you have to lose?

This is life!



I LOVE this entire motto. When I first read it I thought how it really summarized how I have felt my whole life. I spend many years growing up feeling stuck and wanting so much more of of life. Stuck in a society that wants you to conform. I never wanted anyone to tell me how things should be done, when I should do them, or how much I should know about something.  I NEVER EVER wanted to sit at a desk and do  work for some boss that only cares about their own paycheck (and never have done that).

Instead I backpacked through Europe alone, took Italian in Italy, skydived in the Swiss Alps, got married in Mexico,  learned trampoline, trapeze and ariel fabric, coach gymnastics, and have taken every chance I can to be adventurous.

In between all of that I got a degree in health and human performance and now I have two small children. I want to expose them to the world and as many adventures as I can. I don’t want to be held back and I don’t want to hold my kids back so I am on a mission to teach them to live life healthy and to the fullest. I am so thankful to be involved in a company that fully supports and helps me obtain this type of lifestyle!