We are the LaVallie’s, a world schooling family on a mission to help others wake up and live! We realize there is more to life than sitting at a cubicle and shipping kids off to an institution everyday so we want to travel and see the world, learning together as we go through life. We want true freedom and we want to help you do the same, regardless of what your own personal reasons for freedom are!

After a disastrous experience building a house, with a contractor who walked off the job causing us to get sued by our financing bank and then eventually giving the property back in foreclosure, we were searching for what was next. Since our original plans did not work out (and it is way too cold in Minnesota anyways), I searched relentlessly for a new job for my husband in a new location. Months went by with no results. When the opportunity to make a residual income, on my own terms with a global company, in the health industry came up, it just made sense. Now I can work part time doing what I love, he can quit his traditional job, and we can make the life we dream of a full time reality! Through all of our trials, life and what matters most,  has fully come into perspective.

Everyone has a dream, a “why” for something they want out of life. What is yours?




Amy is a true “Freedom Junkie.” She has always wanted to live life on her terms and escape the dogma of what society says to do. She has a degree in Health and Human Performance and has always been a believer in nutritional supplements, eating right and staying fit.


Mike is a fun loving dad who loves playing with our boys! He has degree in Elementary Education but has spent most of the last 23 years in a more institutional type of career. He is also the great one at handling our finances.


Micah is definitely a free spirited child with a great imagination! He loves life and lives it to the fullest! His passion for learning truly amazes us everyday!


Asher is a clown! He is a very opinionated little guy who knows what he wants, yet a sweet little snuggler who absolutely adores his big brother!

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