Top reasons that I am so over-the-top-in-love-with USANA!


Top 10 reasons I am in love with my business!!

As people ask me why I chose USANA and there are just so many reasons that I am so over-the-top-in-love-with about this specific company and products but, to simplify, here is my list of top ten:

1. I can SEE first-hand the difference the products make in my customers (and my own) health (I mean they are top-rated according the the Nutrisearch Supplement guide)!

2. The business comes with EVERY tool I could possibly think of and need to be successful right at my fingertips (email, website, videos, trainings, online back office, etc)

3. All I have to do is tell people how amazing the products are and once they are enrolled, USANA does the rest (And I get a weekly paycheck)!

4. Speaking of a paycheck, USANA has an award winning compensation plan!

5. CONVENTION! Again, award winning. It is seriously amazing.

6. I can expand my business internationally. Currently USANA is open in 19 countries and expanding.

7.  If hundreds of Elite and Olympic Athletes trust USANA with their health and careers, I certainly know I can!

8. About those products…what other company tests EVERY single batch of ingredients and manufactures them all in house (and lets you tour it) to be sure it meets top-notch criteria (pharma grade and FDA certified)?

9. I get to work with a team of people that I love and we all help each other grow our business while supporting each others goals!

10. CONVENTION…yeah its worth mentioning twice!

So there you go! Life is good and I could not ask for a better opportunity!!!


Check out this video link to see more great things about USANA!