There is a time in your life when something happens or you experience an event and it forever changes the way you can move forward. For some people, it might be a near-death experience. For others, it might be a job cut or a diet change. Sometimes you just know too much and you cannot look back. I have had MANY experiences in my life and, yes of course they have all altered my path in some shape or form. This one, however, I cannot let go of. It means too much.

During the past week I was at the USANA Health Sciences 2014 Ignited convention and, I know this might sound crazy, but I learned too much. Not is a bad way but in a “it would be wrong NOT to share what I know with the world now” kind of way. You are probably wondering what all the hype about “just another company” is but you have to understand, this is not just ANY company. The energy and spirit of the people, all working towards the greater good of Health and Freedom. These are people are, not just talking about it, but literally changing the world and how you can live your own life.

So now maybe you are thinking, “oh well these people must have come from money, or know lots of people, etc.” Actually, they are just like you and me. They had a dream (and still do) and just plain said “I am not giving it up.” One lady was abused by her husband and ran her business from the bathroom so he wouldn’t know. Another young guy was raised in such a bad area, he would have been dead by not if not for being introduced to USANA. Another speaker was deaf and had to grow his business without even talking. The amazing stories go on and on.

Between the amazing speakers such as motivational Tony Robbins and health oriented Dr. Oz I learned so much about health and what it REALLY means to be ALIVE! At the same time I felt another calling. I learned that every cent donated to the USANA True Health Foundation goes directly to the cause (including disaster relief and Children Hunger fund). Those people deserve the same health and freedom and USANA helps them try and achieve it as well. This has inspired me to make monthly donations and I plan to also donate a percent of ALL money I continue to make with USANA.

This is a company I can be proud to LOVE too much. They TRULY care about every person and follow their vision of a world free from pain and suffering. This post can barely summarize what it is like to be part of something so amazing. So who am I to not tell people about this amazing life changing opportunity, where we all stay healthy and help each other live a life of freedom? It is the real thing.

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*Touring the USANA main office Headquarters! Yep that is correct that let you see where all the science and action takes place!



*USANA True Health Foundation 5K! Superheroes running to raise money and awareness!