Out to live!

We all know life gets busy. No matter what, it is hard to keep up with things and, sometimes, even what we consider a priority can get put on hold. I am reflecting on this as I realize how long I have been absent from my blog.

The last few months have been packed FULL of life experiences. We have been on an amazing 17 day camping road-school journey from Minnesota to Savannah/Tybee Island, Georgia. Since returning my husband has been on a month long work trip so the boys and I have been taking local camping trips, exploring the world and staying as busy as possible until we are all together again.

As a Wife/Mom of two, having “my other half” away puts freedom in another perspective. I realize their are many single parents who do this forever and I give them all my respect. It is not easy and the hardest part is helping the children understand what is happening. At one point my almost 4-year old son told me he no longer has a daddy but wished he did. That is hard to hear.

There is always a chance that a loved one can be gone or taken from their life/family because of orders from another authority (boss of some sort). I am thankful that he is enjoying his experiences but I can’t help but think about the time missed having experiences together.

Regardless, I am always so happy for the opportunities to travel as we do and I cannot wait to do it on a permanent, full time basis, TOGETHER. With this amazing business, these opportunities are truly endless. Time to stop putting things on hold and MAKING them happen! Who is with me?!