#BringBackOurGirls – A mothers day note


In light of mothers day, I cannot help but think of all the Mothers out there who are missing their babies. I am so lucky to have my two healthy little guys and show them what love is all about! My mission is for other families to have the same freedom as I am achieving, to spend time together and not be held down by institutions. In the big scheme of things, what I am trying to do is such a small thing compared to families that actually have children missing from them and, therefore, truly can never feel free.

EVERYONE deserves true health and true FREEDOM. There is a huge issue with slavery on a much higher scale than we can even fathom. Put down your phone now, close your computer, stop thinking about your job. Today (and everyday) hug those babies and live life to the fullest WITH them!

To all those missing children, their Mothers, and their families out there, we love you!


Why I don’t care about money.


I don’t care about money. I really don’t. I know that I need money to live and follow my dreams but, honestly, my passion is living life to the fullest and money is merely my vehicle to do that. I actually don’t even look at our bank account (my husband does though).

In many cases, I feel that people live to work instead of working to live. The difference is drastic. Think. If you live to work, it comes before everything. Family. Leisure/play. Hobbies. Travel. The list goes on and on. Some people never even use the vacation days they are issued because they care more about the “work” that needs to be done. Or they have that quick week of vacation every year to escape but then get right back into the hustle and bustle of money-making. On the contrary, when you work to live, you are really combining the vehicle in which you make your income, into your life and passions.

Let’s break it down. We have maybe an average of 80 years (note that I didn’t use any actual statistics here), more if we are lucky, in this physical form here on earth and lets say the first 18-20 growing up are for learning life and what we want (or in some case what others want for us) to pursue in the next few years of life. We then spend 45 years or more working as much and as hard as we can so that we can retire and FINALLY live our life. By then, most people are around 65. That is 65 YEARS of just trying to make money but not necessarily living. So that leaves a few years but really, by then, we are tired and the things we would have done at 30 or 40 or even 50 are no longer a possibility or a reality.

Now, I am not talking about being reckless with the money that you do have and throwing it out the window. However, money should not be the overbearing reality of your life. Don’t neglect actual life JUST to have a bigger bank account. Why not build a life around what you love rather than one you just wish you could escape from.

I know from this recent journey into blogging and social media that more and more people are throwing the “live to work” way of life out the door and just working to live. It is refreshing. What it comes down to is that people are realizing that, by finding their passions, they can use those as the way to make the money they need, in order to live the life they want. The bonus is they ENJOY doing it!

I just want to be healthy with my family and explore the world together. I don’t care about the money.