Unschooling with Usana!


I feel like I have been searching my entire life for “more.” For freedom to learn what I want, when I want and for the freedom live a more creative, adventurous life. I have been gong through a paradigm shift with many ideas, beliefs and even values lately. I am becoming passionate about nutrition and how it has amazing abilities to heal the body, about creating my own USANA business to obtain freedom for myself and others, and since my kids are growing up way too fast (almost 4 and 2 years), I am thinking of what to do about schooling.

Two years ago I was determined to be in a “good” school district for my boys. Now that we are, it still just doesn’t feel right. I have finally figured out where these feeling stem from and that is my own terrible experiences with school conformity. I tried to forget my experiences thinking it might be different for my kids. However, I realize now that there are much better alternatives for my family.

Let me give some background. If you know me, you may not know these facts because it is not something I have widely discussed before. To put it bluntly, I am a high school drop out. I was always made to feel bad or guilty for not being successful in public school. Up until recently, I may have said “I failed at school” but now I realize that was not the case at all. School failed me, as it does for so many others. I did get my GED and then later in life, after traveling through Europe and experiencing real-life learning, I pursued and received my college degree, receiving a very high academic GPA, ironically in Education.

In early elementary school I suffered a lot of anxiety about being away from my parents. I would leave notes at my table every time we left my classroom because I was afraid my mom would come to get me (I always hoped she would) and not be able to find me. I was shy and didn’t like being there. This was just the start of my struggle with school. One particular experience that haunts me was from 4th grade. I had a specific teacher who, it seemed, did not appreciate anything I tried to do. As a punishment for doing poorly on an assignment she made me call my mom in the middle of class (in tears) to explain to her that I had not done good enough. My mom reamed her out for this, but still, as a child I felt terrible and like a failure.

In middle school I failed at math. It was not that I wasn’t trying but all those numbers on paper made no sense to me. It was like learning Chinese without ever having the opportunity to try speaking it only looking at it on paper and having to figure out what it meant. Maybe if I had spent time doing math in a real life activity it would have made more sense but it was just all workbooks and tests. I always did well on projects that put you in real-life situations (studying another country and doing different things like cooking a meal from there, dressing like a person from that area for a project, etc is one that comes to mind) because I enjoyed the real-life aspects of learning it. For the most part, I felt like I struggled through middle school.

Then high school came. Since I was already certain that I would fail academically, I wanted to be involved in the things I knew and loved. I grew up in theater and did many community plays. This was my creative outlet and I learned so much doing it. When I tried out for the high school plays I was never cast though. That left me with the feeling of failure in everything. I was going to fail my classes, fail at the creative outlet that I loved, fail at life. I started hanging out with other kids who were “failing” and that grew concern for teachers and my parents. Because they wanted me to stop hanging out with my friends, I only wanted to conform less and less. Sure, this could be called rebellion but maybe I was just sick of being told that what I was doing was never good enough for someone else’s standards. I gave up and stopped going to school.

My brother, who is actually one of the smartest people I know, struggled in school as well. He learned at his own pace and dealt with bullying. My husband had his own struggles with being labeled as having a learning “disability” in reading when the reality maybe he just learned in a different way. Lots of people have their own stories.

I don’t blame anyone, just the system itself. The education system is broken. It was made for people to conform, to learn only what and how society/government wants them to learn and behave the way society deems okay. You have to get permission to go to the bathroom, to take a break, to eat. You can only work on a certain subject when the teacher says it okay. How can that be right? Of course I realize that some people may have had great school experiences, and I am happy for that. However, it does not change the predicament of what those schools do to the creativeness and freedom of children. School is an institution and so is jail, which is what school feels like for so many kids.

When I was in school, people did not realize they had other educational options or, if they did, it was highly frowned upon. Now that I know what the school system is actually about, and after internalizing my own experiences, how could I want to send my own children to participate in such a system? At one point I played around with the idea of sending my 3-year old to preschool and even toured it but he was so anxious about being left there without me that I decided to wait. Now I realize how great of a decision it was. Why should I put him in that same anxiety situation that I felt as a child. Many children just need to gain that independence from their parents when they feel ready. Sure, you can force it but you never know how that traumatic experience will effect them later.

Growing up we took many family road trips and vacations to historical places. I loved learning in those situations and learning right in the middle of it all. Those are real life experiences. Why not teach like that? There are many alternative ways for children to learn, like Homeschooling and Unschooling, that are becoming more and more well known and accepted now. If you are not familiar with Unschooling, it is a method of homeschooling that puts the desire, drive, motive and responsibility for life-learning (or education) in the hands of the learner without an actual curriculum. Think of it like a combination of Montessori style learning combined with homeschooling. There are many books and resources available on this method if you are interested in more information.

As I have stated in my blog description “about me,” I searched relentlessly for jobs for my husband in other areas. My search was so wide though. Italy, Germany, Mexico, Florida, Hawaii were some of the places but I could never decide how to narrow my search down so I looked everywhere of interest hoping that something, anything, would present an opportunity. It hit me now that, with Usana as my income, and unschooling for my kids, we don’t have to choose. I know how to make a residual income through a great network marketing company, where I can work and earn money from any location. I can still spend time in our “home state,” giving my kids some roots and time with family, while also taking my kids to live for any length of time in different locations where they will be experiencing and learning through immersion in other cultures. The other HUGE bonus is that my husband will be able to enjoy the freedom of spending time with our kids and not working more than he sees his family.

I realize now that this is my path and the best part is, I get to be unschooled too (“An unschooled adult, or parent, is one who is loving the self designed life they have created for themselves. They may be entrepreneurs, travelers, create large incomes or small, simple ones. They know what foods, friendships, work, play and spiritual connections allow them to feel alive and challenged and satisfied.” -http://unschooling.com/what-is-unschooling/)!

After starting Usana and my health and freedom junkie blog, I have been conflicted on what focus I am really drawn to in my business. I knew I wanted health and I knew I have always wanted freedom. Now I also know that I want to help families break free from the chains of society-schooling. If you have been contemplating how school is actually working for your kids but are not sure how you can make a living and homeschool/unschool them at the same time, join me. I can show you how to make it a reality! Ready? We are embarking on an amazing life and journey together as a family. Join us!!!


It’s time to get a life!


Have you ever recommended a movie to a friend? Then you are already a network marketer. Have you ever said how much you love a certain place to eat? Then you are a network marketer. If you have ever recommended anything to anyone then you have done network marketing. Now what if you found a product you really loved and this time, when you told people about it, you would actually get paid a weekly check?

It’s no wonder over 90 million people worldwide choose network marketing as a business. Here are the top reasons why so many people are going away from the traditional nine-to-five.

  1. You are not stuck only trading time for money (for example $10 per hour worked). You will gain a continual/residual income by simply learning what the company has to offer, spreading the word, and teaching a few others to do the same. This will create a ripple effect and you will be getting paid over and over for the initial work you produced.
  2. Flexibility and Freedom. You get to decide where to work from (coffee shop, beach, mountain-top, etc), where you want to live, when or if you work that day, and how much work you want to do. You are your own boss.
  3. Business in a box. When you join a network marketing company everything is taken care of for you. They do all the research, development, manufacturing, hiring, managing, shipping, billing, etc. Not to mention giving you every tool (flyers, videos, presentations, etc) that you could possibly need to run your business center without a huge investment.
  4. Paid on your effectiveness! You will get paid for how effective you are in recommending the product/business to people (versus just getting paid per hour). Anyone who tells you that you can get rich quick overnight doing network marketing is wrong. It takes some time to build up your business, however, if you stick with it the outcome can be amazing.
  5. You get to choose who to work with. Work with friends, make new friends, train with successful positive people. The camaraderie is actually built-in and yes, it is fun! You are in business for yourself but never by yourself. The way to reach your goals is to help others reach theirs. What is not to like?
  6. You, personally, do not need a huge network to be successful. You don’t even need 10 interested friends to be successful. Actually as you go, your network is likely going to be comprised of people you don’t even know yet. For example, you tell 4 people, they all tell 4 people, they tell 4 more and on and on. Soon thousands of people know. That is what multiplication is all about.
  7. Turn an expense into an income. Seriously, if you are going to buy vitamins anyways, just buy them from a company you believe in. Eventually it will pay for that expense, that you would be buying anyways. Plus, there are many tax benefits alone that will save you money. If you are spending money on your business, you get to write it off.
  8. Make a difference with your dollars. You buy girls scout cookies and wreaths from boys scouts to support them, right? We all know that buying from local business is the way to go, yes? With network marketing, although the main company itself may not be a small business, the people doing network marketing are. People are able to buy the products they need from the single mother, friends, neighbors to support them and the money goes right back into the community.
  9. Secure financial future. In todays economy, job security is never certain. Everyone is disposable. With network marketing you take back control of job security. If you are not making enough money, you know that you can change that by growing your business.
  10. Network marketing is about to explode! More and more people are looking for a way to supplement or replace income. An extra part time job takes too much time. Because of the flexibility and lower time commitment, more and more people are gravitating to this option.

These ideas are from the book “The Flip Flop CEO” by Janine Finney, Lory Muirhead, and Whitney Roberts. I HIGHLY recommend it for a refreshingly perfect perspective on how to “get a life.”

Seriously, if you are not living the the life of your dreams, then it’s likely that you are woking for someone who is. So give it a try, after all, really what do you have to lose?

Oxidative stress and how to stop it!

Did you know that oxidative stress is the underlying cause of almost all chronic degenerative diseases?

What is oxidative stress?

Oxidative stress occurs when free radicals damage the cells within our body. Free radicals are when, mainly the oxygen molecules or atoms within the cells, have at least one unpaired electron in their outer orbit. Free radicals are violent and try to get a charge from any other molecule or substance around. This can cause damage to all parts of cells, including the DNA nucleus of that cell.

What creates free Radicals?

Free radicals can be caused by air pollution, excessive stress, poor nutrition or food sources, excessive exercise, cigarette smoke, medications, radiation, etc.


What can we do to stop free radicals?

Antioxidants. When more free-radicals are produced than there are antioxidants to neutralize, oxidative stress occurs and over a prolonged period of time chronic degenerative diseases (such as cancer, heart disease, etc) can start to develop from these damaged cells. We need to rapidly neutralize the violent and damaging behavior caused by the free radicals. Antioxidants have the ability to give up an electron to the free radical, therefore neutralizing it.


Do I get enough antioxidant nutrition from food?

The more proactive you are about your eating habits the better off you will be. However, here are serious questions coming up about the nutritional value contained in the foods available. The idea of profit in the farming industry has lead to new and refined ways to grow crops, most at the expense of the vitamins and minerals that should naturally be found in food.

Chemical fertilizers and pesticides are greatly adding to the problem. Not only are they depleting more of the nutrients from the soil but they are also adding synthetic byproducts to the food being offered for sale. Produce gets its nutritional elements from the soil it grows in. When soil is compromised it directly reflects on the food you are eating.

So what can you do?

USANA ESSENTIALS OFFER A SOLUTION! There is absolutely no doubt that every individual needs added supplementation these days, no matter how healthy they eat. Usana Essentials have been specially formulated to replace the nutrients that should naturally be found in the foods you consume.

Just like food, however, all vitamins and mineral complexes are not created equal. There are many types of supplements to choose from. Just because a bottle of vitamins says that it contains the supplementation you need on the label does not make it a true.

Vitamins from USANA have been independently tested by Consumer Labs and the results from this third party evaluation prove that what Usana lists as ingredients are actually inside every single vitamin and mineral capsule in the bottle. It is astonishing to see the number of supplements that are considered to be “high quality” fail these independent tests.

This is why you need the essentials from USANA. Your body is counting on a daily supply of nutrient-rich food for basic survival. Since you cannot count on the foods you eat to provide this nutrition it needs to be supplemented with a quality vitamin and mineral source that can be trusted. Usana Essentials have are this trusted source for people across the globe, including athletes and sports associations.

A daily multivitamin is an inexpensive nutrition insurance policy. Don’t you think you should plan ahead for your health too?


This is life!



I LOVE this entire motto. When I first read it I thought how it really summarized how I have felt my whole life. I spend many years growing up feeling stuck and wanting so much more of of life. Stuck in a society that wants you to conform. I never wanted anyone to tell me how things should be done, when I should do them, or how much I should know about something.  I NEVER EVER wanted to sit at a desk and do  work for some boss that only cares about their own paycheck (and never have done that).

Instead I backpacked through Europe alone, took Italian in Italy, skydived in the Swiss Alps, got married in Mexico,  learned trampoline, trapeze and ariel fabric, coach gymnastics, and have taken every chance I can to be adventurous.

In between all of that I got a degree in health and human performance and now I have two small children. I want to expose them to the world and as many adventures as I can. I don’t want to be held back and I don’t want to hold my kids back so I am on a mission to teach them to live life healthy and to the fullest. I am so thankful to be involved in a company that fully supports and helps me obtain this type of lifestyle!

Love life and live it-NOW!


I know, I know, society says work hard your whole life and save your money so when you finally reach the age of 65 you might be able to actually enjoy it for a few years before your time is up.  It sounds harsh, but I can’t say I know many 65+ folks that are still able to live the life they waited their whole life to live. Things happen. Broken hips, bad hearts, strokes, etc.

Why not throw that “ideal” away and use the best part of your life to do the things you dream of?  Why not raise your kids on the beach and actually enjoy them before they grow up? Or travel to Europe and see all the beautiful culture and history? Or buy that convertible car or RV camper you have been eyeing? In order to achieve this you simply have to change the way you think. Sometimes the way things have always been done, is not the best way.